Calories in Bagels, Pizza, Muffins

Calories in Bagels, Pizza, Muffins

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Bagels, Muffins, and Pizza are three carb-heavy foods found in the standard Western diet.

They should not be a staple in any diet, but there is no reason while moderate serving sizes can’t be eaten occasionally.

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Muffin Calories

(per muffin)
Cake MuffinLow Fat120 (502 kj)2621
Cake MuffinMedium170 (711 kj)240.58
Cake MuffinLarge280 (1171 kj)39213
Cake MuffinExtra Large430 (1799 kj)602.520
Cake MuffinJumbo560 (2343 kj)783.526
English Muffin135 (565 kj)2461
Fruit Muffin127 (531 kj)

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Bagel Calories

Plain bagels, non-enriched

Bagel, Mini2.5″ diameter (26g)72 (301 kj)
Bagel, Small3″ diameter (69g)190 (795 kj)
Bagel, Medium3.5-4″ diameter (105g)289 (1209 kj)56.1111.7
Bagel, Large4.5″ diameter (131g)360 (1506 kj)7013.82.1

Pizza Calories

These are calorie counts for basic pizzas. See more Fast Foods here.

Pizza – with Pepperoni1 slice (71g)181 (757 kj)19.910.17
Pizza – with cheese1 slice (63g)140 (586 kj)
Pizza – with cheese, meat, and veggies.1 slice (79g)184 (770 kj)21.3135.4
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