Dairy Calories Cheese, Milk, Cottage Cheese

Dairy Calories  Cheese, Milk, Cottage Cheese

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Dairy Calories - Cheese, Milk, Cottage Cheese

Dairy can be a great source of protein and calcium.

Despite the dairy industry’s promotion of low fat dairy as a weight loss aid, contrary research fails to support this position. However, dairy can still be a healthy part of any weight loss diet.

Whole Milk 1 cup1461188
Milk – Reduced Fat (2%)1 cup1221185
Milk – Low Fat (1%)1 cup1021282
Milk – Non Fat1 cup831280
Cream (light whipping)1 cup (whipped)3504337
Cream (heavy whipping)1 cup (whipped)4143244
Cottage Cheese – Low Fat (1%)1 cup1636282
Cottage Cheese – Low Fat (2%)1 cup2038314
Cheese – Cheddar1 slice (28g)113079
Cheese – Colby 1 slice (28g)110179
Feta Cheese 1 wedge (38g)100258
Camembert Cheese 1 wedge (38g)114089
Brie Cheese 1 ounce (28g)94068

Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are rounded to the nearest gram.

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Trying to Lose Weight?

A recent review of research showed:

Of 49 randomized trials assessing the effect of dairy products or calcium supplementation on body weight, 41 showed no effect, two demonstrated weight gain, one showed a lower rate of gain, and five showed weight loss. Four of 24 trials report differential fat loss.


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