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Slim4Life Diet

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Slim4Life Diet Review

The Slim4Life program is a holistic approach to weight loss and weight management, available at a chain of weight loss clinics in Kansas, Missouri, and Texas.

Slim4Life has been enabling people to lose weight and learn new eating habits for over 25 years.

Note: The Slim4Life diet program is not the same as the UK-based The Juice Master’s Slim 4 Life books, health fitness program – see comment below.

Slim4Life offers comprehensive weight reduction programs for men, women and children from age 10. The programs are professionally supervised and nutritionally designed to develop proper eating habits for long term success.

The Slim4Life Weight Loss Center with which you enroll provides a program which is individualized, monitored and supervised with one-on-one counseling. Existing medical conditions are taken into account when developing your personal weight loss program.

The diet employs a well-balanced food program (based on regular food from the supermarket), supplemented with proprietary weight loss aids.

Slim4Life Diet Program

The Slim4Life program provides up to 1,500 calories daily (depending on the degree with which you are overweight or obese, your health profile, and age) in a
carefully balanced nutritional diet rich in vitamins and minerals and low in refined carbohydrates, fats, and sodium.

The diet consists of fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, starches, dairy and fats, plus a range of supplements, and there is a vegetarian program for those who do not eat meat.

Some foods and beverages are restricted during the weight loss period, and gradually added back once the goal for weight loss is achieved.

The nutritional plan is individualized for you, and is completely flexible with room for individual choices of food selection.


Slim4Life program participants are strongly encouraged to increase their physical activity level as part of leading (or gaining) a healthy lifestyle.

Slim4Life claims that you can lose 3-5 pounds/1.3-2.3 kg per week (on average 3.3 pounds/1.5kg), eating grocery-store food and without pre-packaged meals.

Weight maintenance

On successful completion of the Slim4Life weight loss program, there is a post-reduction maintenance program to reinforce the learned behavioral changes.

Overall, with Slim4Life you may expect to have developed ‘the tools, knowledge and the efficient metabolism to manage your new healthy body weight for a lifetime!’


It appears to cost over $600 to start the Slim4Life program, although if you don’t meet your goal as initially expected, there are further costs in order to continue.

Also, the programmed supplements, vitamins, snacks, etc are an additional cost to you.

Some perceptions of the Slim4Life diet program

These are some of the reactions of Slim4Life participants

  • My personal Slim4Life plan tells me what to eat and when, which helps tremendously with meal planning. For example, I eat 3 meals a day plus 2 ‘nutrients’ (a shake and a candy bar). Each meal includes a protein, a starch and fruit. For breakfast add milk, and for lunch/dinner add 2 vegetables. The plan is easy but also requires me to prepare the ‘limited food’ items which I’m allowed.
  • 5th day on Slim4Life, and now off the ‘preparation’ stage. Today’s menu: breakfast 2 eggs and an orange, lunch a cup of raw cauliflower (dipped in fat free ranch dressing) and an orange, supper 4oz grilled chicken, shredded, in a 6″ corn tortilla with ½ cup lettuce and some fat free ranch dressing – actually pretty good.
  • Finally at the end (11 weeks on) and am very excited. My Slim4Life diet consists of a strict food regime, only eating a certain amount of vegetables, lean proteins, fruit, and 80oz of water a day, combined with vitamins, herb supplements and essential fatty acid pills. I was not allowed to drink alcohol, eat sugar, dairy, oils, or preservatives. I’ve officially lost the 20lbs I set out to (I lost 11¾in. in my waist alone!), and have now begun the ‘stabilization’ phase. Slowly, over a 6 week period, they begin to reintroduce food into my diet. My weight will be monitored for one full year.
  • I signed up for Slim4Life, and paid $800 for personal counseling 3 times a week for 34 weeks. It’s really a very restrictive, prescribed diet, designed for fast weight loss. I still don’t know if fast weight loss is really the healthiest solution, but considering that I have yo-yo’d the same 50 lbs 5 times in eight years, I think it’s the only thing that’s going to keep me going.
  • This is what my diet consists of each day: a TON of supplements: vitamins, metabolizing herbs, essential fatty acids, carb blockers
    I can eat 2 servings of protein a day: lean meat (limited red), chicken, turkey, fish, limited eggs
    2 servings of starch a day: diet bread, brown rice, or 2 tbsp bran flakes
    2 small fruits
    basically unlimited green veggies, ½ raw, ½ cooked
    2 tbsp of fat free salad dressing
    1 serving of “lite” fat: mayo or margarine
    herbal tea
    diet seven up
    80 oz of water per day
    2 specials made from the program supplement foods: one is sweet, the other a soup or juice
    2 cups coffee, with just skim milk and nutrasweet (only 2 pkts of that per day)
    ½ tsp low sodium salt (nothing else can have salt in it)
    unlimited apple cider vinegar (salad dressing)
    the juice of 1 lemon

Is Slim4Life Successful?

The Slim4Life diet program appears to be a sensible plan with plenty of personal support and encouragement, and has brought successful weight loss for many overweight people, although the cost needs to be evaluated before enrolling.

The Juice Master’s Slim 4 Life book, health fitness program

Slim4Life is not to be confused with The Juice Master’s Slim 4 Life book, Freedom from the Food Trap, and other related publications. This book promotes the program in the UK to ‘get slim, get fit, and get energized – or “juiced” ‘ by Jason Vale (the Juice Master), a successful health and lifestyle coach.

The Slim 4 Life book is not about dieting, juicing, or about what’s good and bad for you. Rather, it helps to change the way you see food. Slim 4 Life majors on these points:

  • Quit so-called “drug foods” – nutritionally worthless addictive substances (eg sugar and caffeine) – and return to a fresh diet
  • Eat the freshest plant ingredients and feel the health benefit of raw juice which is full of healthy enzymes
  • Reject the food industry’s ‘brainwashing advertising’
  • Use food combining to help your digestion


Home of the Slim4Life Diet Program
The book – The Juice Master’s Slim 4 Life: Freedom from the Food Trap

Low Calorie Recipes

By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

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Last Reviewed: April 2, 2017

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